About Us

Born out of necessity. A new form of clean, fast energy. 

At OverClocked, we believe energy drinks are a thing of the past. We were tired of drinking, spilling, shaking (and the frequent bathroom breaks) interrupting our gaming. When the difference in winning and losing a match can be a millisecond, there's no time to take your hands off the controls to take a swig. We have grown up playing video games and as they've evolved from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Gran Turismo to Halo, Call of Duty and more recently, Call of Duty Blackout and APEX Legends, our pallets and expectations have changed. When we had the idea to market our Energy Gum to the ESports world, it became clear that this is where we should have been all along! When every second counts, the form we get our energy in, becomes the new META. Our gum will provide you with better, faster, healthier energy within 2 minutes, with no crash and no bathroom breaks. Try it out and see for yourself.  

OverClocked Energy Gum is an offshoot and microbrand of our parent company, Apollo Brands LLC.